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~ 2017 ~


January 10th Glenda Youde Queens Charlottes Frogmore
February 14th Russell Dixon Head Gardener at Great Fosters
March 14th Paolo Arrigo Pesto and Franchi Seeds
April 1th SPRING SHOW Mary Braddock
May 9th Tim Winter Woodland Industries
June 13th ROSE SHOW
Dawn Fielding [of the Woodland Trust]

The Importance of Water Features
July 11th Karen Bridgeman 17th & 18th Century Nurserymen their plants.
August 8th John Baker Gardens of Russia
September 12th Sandy Worth Propagation of Plants
October 10th Andy Sands More insects and mammals
November 14th Steven Austin Beth Chatto’s Garden, her plants & Me
December AGM  


Saturday 8th July - Plant Swap 10am-2pm

Saturday 15th July - Summer Flower Show 2:30pm


Plant Swap....... summer flower show


All held at St Matthew's Church Hall.
Evening meetings held on 2nd Tuesday each month, starting at 8pm.

Summer & Autumn Shows held on Saturdays, dates as above, doors open 2.30pm.

For more information contact
Barbara Badhapour (e-mail barbara.baghapour@sky.com) or Barry Muggeridge (email: barrylandrover@yahoo.com)